Zoom 3AVN Wrist Splint with Thumb
Zoom 3AVN Wrist Splint with Thumb

3AVN Wrist Splint with Thumb

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Size Available: S, M, L, Xl

Color's Available: Black

3AVN Wrist Splint with Thumb is an ideal brace for conditions where immobilization of wrist and thumb is required. Wrist can be maintained in the dorsiflexion and thumb in abduction. 

  • Customizable Splints. 
  • Anatomical thumb abduction. 
  • Fits both left and right hand. 
  • Lace pull tabs for easy application 

Key Features 

  • Removable, anatomically shaped, double splinting ensures rigid immobilization. It can be customized to provide the required degree of wrist dorsiflexion and required degree of thumb abduction. 
  • Extended thumb cradle allows protection of the thumb and its controlled abduction for better pain relief and healing. Thumb remains relaxed without any fatigue. 
  • Ergonomic and sleek design. Bilateral symmetry allows it to be used for either hand. Elegant tabs enhance aesthetics. Light weight enhances compliance. Reverse buckle mechanism ensures controlled tightening and better immobilization. 
  • Long length of the brace, ensures enhanced immobilization. Brace abuts the palmer crease, allows free finger movement. Made of PU lined matte fabric which enhances durability and aesthetics of the product. It provides snug fitting, high cushioning and comfort. 

    3AVN Wrist Splint with Thumb



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