Zoom 3AVN Knee Sleeve with Ring
Zoom 3AVN Knee Sleeve with Ring
Zoom 3AVN Knee Sleeve with Ring

3AVN Knee Sleeve with Ring

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Size Available: S, M, L, Xl

Color's Available: Grey

Knee Sleeve with Silicone Ring is a next generation knee support to provide stabilization, compression, grip and support to the weak or unstable knee. 

  • Silicon patellar ring 
  • Anatomical shape 
  • Multi axial spring hinge 
  • Four-way stretch 

Key Features: 

  • Made from high quality nylon yarn, which ensures high durability, appealing aesthetics and color fastness.Four-way stretch ability allows comfortable grip and compression, snug fitting but no bunching at the back. 
  • Special interlocking weave and single spiral elastic yarn ensures uniform compression even on uneven limb surface. Provides firm support and optimal compression. 
  • Double layered body retains warmth for quick healing. 
  • Anterior patellar opening relieves patellar pressure and positions patella in patellar dislocations. 
  • Silicon pad absorbs all the vibrations around the patella and the patellar tendon, provides optimal support and comfortable compression to the patellar tendon. Nodular surface of Silicon Pad enhances proprioception, provides massage to the area, enhances blood circulation and healing. 

    3AVN Knee Sleeve with Ring



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